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What’s Your Recourse if You Are Injured as Passenger in a Car Accident?

Being in a car accident is an extremely traumatic experience. Auto collisions can cause grave physical and mental injuries. And the crash may result in lasting bodily and emotional scares. If you’re a passenger in a car crash, the situation is even more confusing. Who’s responsible for covering your initial medical attention, and your long term medical care, should it be necessary? And are you entitled to compensation for pain and suffering? Understanding your rights is imperative for .....

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Are You Entitled to Damages If You Are in a Bike Accident?

Share the road. It’s common refrain among bicyclists. Unfortunately most drivers, especially in large metro areas like San Francisco, don’t heed this edict. As a result bikers are often struck by motorists. These accidents result in everything from a mild tumble with no injuries or damage to serious collisions that critical injure the biker, severely damage their bike, or both. If you’re hit by a driver or otherwise involved in an accident while riding your biked, are you entitled fo.....

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