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Premises Liability 

Premises Liability Law is a set of laws that holds property owners and property managers accountable for maintaining premises that are safe and free of situations that may result in dangerous accidents and injuries. The owners/managers of both public and private properties are required by law to maintain safe premises. Whether you are shopping in a department store, staying at a hotel for a vacation, visiting someone in their home, or grocery shopping at a local market, you may be entitled for damages for any injuries you may have sustained while at these locations. Premises Liability accidents can also include toxic exposure, animal attacks, swimming pool accidents, and amusement park ride accidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are very common and may happen anywhere, and in many cases they may cause severe injuries. Slip and falls often happen in common everyday locations, such as grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, construction sites, gas stations and shopping malls. Additionally, they can happen on private property.


Some common types of Premises Liability cases include:


Swimming pool drowning

Elevator, escalator, and automatic door accidents

Slip & fall accidents in restaurants, stores or shopping malls

Tripping caused by electrical cords, unguarded openings, exposed pipes

Falling objects

Amusement park accidents

Accidents in parking lots, parking garages and ramps

Accidents in sports stadiums

Injuries due to inadequate security or safeguards

Sexual assault due to inadequate security 






In many cases clients think that accidents are their fault and later learn that conditions of the property were dangerous or defective, and that their injury could have been prevented, had the property owner/manager taken greater precautions and maintained the property up to legal standards. Therefore, even if you think you may be at fault, you actually may be entitled to seek compensation. It is important that you contact a qualified attorney to conduct a thorough analysis of your claim.

Securing financial compensation in premises liability cases can be difficult because of confusing issues of ownership, responsibility, and causation. If you have sustained an injury due to premises liability and are ready to learn how the premises liability attorneys of The Razi Law Group can assist you and your family, please call us today for a free consultation about premises liability.