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If you have been injured in an accident, we can help! 





No Recovery, No Fee 

$300,000 – Settlement – Wrongful Death 


No Recovery, No Fee 

$ 1.7 Million Settlement – Slip and fall

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The California Personal Injury Attorneys at the Razi Law Group are committed to providing personalized legal services in the fields of personal injury throughout California. Our California accident attorneys represent victims in all types of personal injury cases, including Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Wrongful Death, Catastrophic Injuries, Product Liability, Premises Liability and Employment Law. With over 35 years of combined trial and litigation experience, the California Personal Injury Attorneys at the Razi Law Group will aggressively represent your interest, and pursue maximum compensation and recovery.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

The attorneys at the Razi Law group are very experienced in personal injury, set-tling thousands of automobile accident cases.

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Truck Accidents

We will investigate the accident to develop a strong case that may gain you for pain and suffering, time lost from work, future medical needs, and more.

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Catastrophic Injuries 

We understand that the injuries you have suffered cannot be reserved, but our attorneys will do their best to help you and your families secure your future. 

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Premises Liability 

If you have sustained an injury due to premises liability, and are ready to learn how the premise liability attorneys of The Razi Law Group can assist you and your family, please call us today for a free consultation. 

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Wrongful Death 

Our team has handled wrongful death claims for family members of victims of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, and other serious accidents. 

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Product Liability 

Our products liability attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you effectively recover damages for a defective or hazardous product that has caused you or someone close to you any harm. 

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Omid Razi

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Allan Fanucchi

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended. Razi Law Group handled my case with patience and care. Mr. Razi and his staff made sure I was given personal attention. was able to fully recover and Razi Law Group got me a great settlement. I would highly recommend  hiring them. 

Merlin S. 

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