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Razi Law group is a qualified, knowledgeable, professional and caring law group! When no one else was there, Razi Law Group stepped forward! Through their work ethic, tenacity and compassion, I was able to breathe again. Not only did Razi Law help alleviate my stress of not knowing what to do, they kept me informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend the Razi Law Group!


Tammy R. 

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear ended. Razi Law Group handled my case with patience and care. Mr. Razi and his staff made sure I was given personal attention. I was able to fully recover, and Razi Law Group got me a great settlement. I would highly recommend hiring them.


Merlin S.

Razi Law Group is Great. They took great care of my family when we were hit by a drunk driver. Mr. Razi stayed on top of our case by making sure we got the medical treatment we needed, and helping us recover a large settlement. Mr. Razi and his team were great. My case manager was in constant contact with me, always updating us and giving us status updates about what was going on with our case. Razi Law Group answered all our questions and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They were able to make us feel comfortable and at ease, even though we had a tough case. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a lawyer.


Dolores P.